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Top 10 Tax-filing errors

-written by Jeff Buckstein  Special to The Globe and Mail (Mar’03)

You may wonder why I am sharing this story with you from March 2003.  It is such a good story and still rings true today.  I hope you will find it as enlightening as I did.

After hiring an accountant in 1998, Jim Mahon was surprised to learn how he’d failed to take full advantage for several years of all the tax deductions he was entitled to as a self-employed entrepreneur.

The 61-year old founder and president of International Trade Show Services Inc., a Burlington, Ont., trade- and consumer-show producer, had missed out on several allowable car expense claims and home writeoffs.

“Those kind of mistakes were costly to me,” says Mr. Mahon. The subsequent savings have amounted to a “sizable difference. When you’re running your own little business, all of these savings are significant. Year after year, they add up.”

Mr. Mahon isn’t the only one making such errors.

I will share with you the  10 top mistakes tax filers make — and you should avoid:

to be continued….Monday, Jan 26th,2009.
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  1. This is very interesting, I look forward to the rest of the story. Actually, I went on your website and like what I see.

    Comment by Bob Thurgood | January 24, 2009 | Reply

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